Cendri Hutcherson is the director of the Decision Neuroscience Laboratory, and an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, with a cross-appointment in the Department of Marketing at the Rotman School of Management and membership in the Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science. She received degrees in psychology from Harvard (B.A.) and Stanford (Ph.D.), and spent several years as a post-doctoral scholar studying neuroeconomics at the California Institute of Technology. She loves the deep philosophical implications of neuroscience and psychology, and also the pretty brain pictures.   CV

Lab Manager

Tiancheng (Steven) Gu is the Toronto Decision Neuroscience Lab manager, and a fifth year student doing the double major program in psychology and neuroscience. His interests lie in social and cognitive psychology/neuroscience. He wants to better understand human social behaviours using cognitive and computational models. He also likes doing research about decision-making, self-regulation, motivation, and the applications of psychological knowledge to improve people's quality of life. In his spare time, he enjoys biking in Toronto, watching documentaries, volunteering, and innovating new cuisines.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Azadeh HajiHosseini is a postdoctoral fellow in the the Decision Neuroscience Lab. She is interested in the neural correlates of decision making, learning, and cognitive control. She uses EEG, behavior, and computational models to study brain oscillations during such cognitive processes. She is also interested in studying how electrical stimulation or neuropsychiatric disorders alter brain oscillations and how that might influence cognition.

Ian Roberts is a postdoctoral fellow in the Decision Neuroscience lab. He uses a mixture of behavioral, pharmacological, neuroimaging, and computational techniques to investigate how people make decisions, particularly interpersonal choices regarding altruism, trust, fairness, and reciprocity. He is especially interested in understanding the role of emotion in decision-making processes.

Graduate Students

Hause Lin is in the Ph.D. program in Psychology at U of T. He works primarily with Michael Inzlicht, examining the neurophysiological correlates of decision making, conflict, and self-control. He likes to make R compute things, and in our lab he builds drift diffusion models of moral resistance to temptation.

Yi Yang (Yang) Teoh is a second-year student in the M.A. programme in Psychology at U of T. He received his B.A.Sc degree in Cognitive Science and Philosophy from McGill University. He is interested in the cognitive mechanisms of morality: particularly moral rule acquisition and decision-making in moral conflict. When not working on research, he’s either diving into classical Greek texts or prancing around a ballet studio.

Daniel Wilson is a third-year student in the graduate program in Psychology at U of T. In his previous life, he was an artist and documentary film-maker. Now he makes machines learn things, and people, too! Check out his psychology blog if you get a chance!

Research Assistants

Emily Chan is a third year student, double majoring in Mental Health Studies and Health Policy. She is the Communications Director for the Psychology and Neuroscience Department Association (PNDA). She is very interested in how people make decisions and the neurological components involved with this process. In her spare time, you can find her in the Starbucks lineup, eating tasty foods, or looking up adorable puppy pictures.

Rini Ilangomaran is in her fourth year, specializing in Neuroscience. She is especially interested in cognitive and behavioural neuroscience. She likes becoming more aware of all the unconscious decisions being made by our brains. She is contemplating becoming a doctor after her Undergraduate degree. Apart from school, Rini loves historical literature, photography and travelling to beautiful places.

Siddiq Mirza is a second year in the Psychology program. He received a Budding Scholar Award for his impressive performance in his Introductory Psychology course. His work for the lab involves staring at grey matter blobs in the brain, and helping to illuminate the role of self-control in altruistic choice.

Sunny Raval is in his third year, specializing in Neuroscience. He is especially interested in cognitive neuroscience and behavioral psychology. As part of his Budding Scholar Project, he works alongside a team investigating the way we exert self-control when choosing what to eat. Apart from school, Sunny loves to draw, volunteer and make people laugh!

Rajan Shah is working towards completing his Hons. B. Sc in Psychology, minoring in Biology and Linguistics. He began volunteering alongside Dr. Hutcherson in September 2016 as a part of a team investigating the way we exert self-control when choosing what to eat. In the future, Rajan hopes to pursue psychiatry.

Lab Alumni

Devin Bonk
Ayaan Chaudhury
Vignash Tharmaratnam