The Decision Neuroscience Laboratory is an inter-disciplinary lab that combines research from psychology, neuroscience, and economics, in order to answer questions about the nature of life, the universe, and everything. This is an absurdly ambitious goal, so we settle for doing interesting science about the choices people make.

Science is more fun when you're doing it with other smart, passionate people, so if you're interested in playing/working with us, read below for details.

Graduate students

The lab is currently accepting applications for graduate students, to begin in Fall . If interested, you can contact Prof. Hutcherson directly by . Please include a short description of your academic background, research training, and interests.

Undergraduate students

A central goal of the lab is to provide undergraduate opportunities for learning and development. We currently have 3-4 research assistant positions available for the fall term. Students may receive course credit in PSY/NROC90 or PSY/NROD98 if desired. Research topics may include: 1) investigation of self-control in food choice; 2) motivations underlying generosity; 3) investigation of emotional and cognitive influences on moral decision-making. Students should have taken PSYA01/PSYA02, and must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. If interested, please fill out this form, and send it to Prof. Hutcherson directly by , or print and leave a copy outside her office (SW565). Please also include a copy of your transcript (may be unofficial).