Hello and welcome to the Toronto Decision Neuroscience Lab! We try to understand what the architecture of the brain can tell us about human thought, feeling, and behavior. What computational mechanisms give rise to emotions and decisions? What is it about these mechanisms that make cheesecake so hard to resist, or lead us to be too selfish? Most importantly, how do we make better choices for ourselves and others?

In the News!

  • July 2024 - Graduate student Hyuna Cho is a recipient of not only an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, but also a UTSC Graduate Teaching Award. Congrats, Hyuna!

  • May 2024 - Our new paper with Anita Tusche is out at PNAS! Large-scale gradients of cortical activity predict regulatory sucess and obesity moderates such relationships. Click here for details.

  • May 2024 - Our new paper using EEG to elucidate the neural dynamics by which we value emotions is out at Emotion. Click here for details.

Get involved! The lab is currently accepting applications for graduate and undergraduate students. If interested, please click here.